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The Law Offices of Shannon J. Marino, PLLC

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Now that your baby is an adult in the eyes of the law, be sure they are protected with the right documents in place- because they'll always be your baby.

Put legal and financial protections in place before they head off to college in the fall. 

Schedule an appointment now to get them protected!

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Medical Protections

Now that your baby is an adult, you no longer have unfettered access to medical providers and medical records. What's worse, without the proper protections in place, you won't automatically get to make medical decisions for your child.

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Financial Protections

If faced with an unexpected emergency, your child will need your help to manage their finances and pay their bills. Without the proper protections in place, you will not have access to their finances to assist them in their time of need.

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Academic Protections

Get access to your child's educational records to ensure someone is advocating for them, if they can't advocate for themselves.

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About Shannon J. Marino

Hello, I am your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer serving the Central Florida and Denver, Colorado areas.

What I know is that your legacy is about more than wills and trusts, and it is about more than money. As your trusted advisor, I help you make the very best legal decisions for your family with the kind of guidance usually reserved for only very high net worth individuals.

Our life and legacy planning model covers not just what happens with your assets, but sets you up to pass on what matters most to you: Your values. Your priorities. Your relationships. Your life. Your legacy.

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